Founded in 1954 in Kirikkale, AKCAY continues its production with 41 different cologne types, room fragrances, perfumes, foam soap and various cleaning products. Akcay, cologne production capacity and sales network is the size with the first five will be in companies operating in the sector in Turkey has adopted the original design concept odor. 30% of its special fragrance products are exported mainly to Germany, France, England, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Holland, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Israel and Australia. Having a production capacity of 900 liters per year, AKCAY; 1 in Istanbul, a total of three offices, including two in Kirikkale, Turkey reach everywhere in the actively marketing representatives and their domestic sales in full swing with a full-service dealership employee, carries out a complete manner. AKCAY, with its exporting companies, represents our country in the best way all around the world by planning its international organizations in a professional way and contributes to the national economy by growing day by day. AKCAY has brought freshness and freshness to all over the world by keeping Turkish traditions and customs alive and has taken its place among the leading companies in its field both in terms of employment and product quality it has created since its establishment. AKCAY today, from year to year with increased strength and production capacity to reach every corner of Turkey, the world's leading countries in the economy continues to proudly represent our country.